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ShowWindow( hWnd, SW_SHOW ); causes my program to crash on windows 7?

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Alright, I had a friend test my program on his Windows 7 machine and when it calls ShowWindow( hWnd, SW_SHOW ); after creating a window the program crashes. I compiled it on windows vista and used a bunch of message boxes for my friend to read so I could pin point the offending line of code. This is the full code I use to create a window:

ZeroMemory( &wcex, sizeof( wcex ) );
wcex.cbSize = sizeof( WNDCLASSEX );
wcex.lpfnWndProc = WinProc;
wcex.hInstance = GetModuleHandle( NULL );
wcex.hIcon = NULL;
wcex.hCursor = LoadCursor( NULL, IDC_ARROW );
wcex.lpszClassName = L"DefaultWindowClass";
RegisterClassEx( &wcex );
hWnd = CreateWindow( L"DefaultWindowClass", L"test", WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, 1024, 768, NULL, NULL, wcex.hInstance, NULL );
UnregisterClass( L"DefaultWindowClass", NULL );
ShowWindow( hWnd, SW_SHOW );

At the very end when I try to show the window it crashes?...

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Don't unregister the window class while you are still using it. Unregister it at the very end, after the window has been closed. Also, don't just assume that your calls succeeded, always check for errors. MSDN lists the return values on both success and error for all Win32 functions. If you get an error then use GetLastError() to get more information.

Edit: This article shows how get a user friendly error message from GetLastError.

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