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fullscreen vs windows mouse coordinate discrepancy - win32

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I'm having trouble with mouse coordinates in a fullscreen win32/directx application. When I run windowed, the coordinates appear correct, that is, when I move the mouse to the top left corner, the coordinates are [0,0], and when I move the mouse over a button, the button goes to its mouseover/hover state as expected. When I run fullscreen though, I find that the vertical coordinate is out of sync. I can get to x,0 even when I can see my mouse is about 20-30 pixels below the top of the screen, and moving the mouse while above this line doesn't seem to generate WM_MOUSEMOVE messages at all. When I hover over my button, it wont go to mouseover, I need to hover the mouse about 20-30 pixels below where the button is displayed. I also cant get the vertical coordinate to get above 1052 (the screen size I'm using is 1920x1080) no matter how slowly I move the mouse down.

Here's how I'm Creating the Window.
hwnd = CreateWindow(wcl.lpszClassName,

If it's not running in fullscreen I also do this

RECT r = {0,0,screen_width,screen_height};

uint32 w32_width = r.right - (r.left);
uint32 w32_height = r.bottom - (r.top);

uint32 workspace_width = r.right - r.left;
uint32 workspace_height = r.bottom - r.top;

// is the window size less than the workspace size? Y:N
int left = (w32_width<workspace_width)? (workspace_width-w32_width)/2 : 0;
int top = (w32_height<workspace_height)? (workspace_height-w32_height)/2 : 0;
SetWindowPos( hwnd,

//show the window again

Is there something I'm doing wrong with these calls?

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Something I forgot to add: I copy pasted this code from an old project that ran fine on my old Windows 2000 machine compiled in VS2005 Express. I'm having trouble with it on my new Windows 7 machine compiled in VS 2010 Express. Could the NT6.x changes to the API be causing this?

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The 20-30 pixels part sounds suspicious, and suggests to me that something somewhere is asjusting for the presence of a title bar (that doesn't exist in your fullscreen mode). You may possibly wish to drop the use of the WS_SYSMENU style when creating fullscreen windows.

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Well, I figured it out. I went so far as to run my application on XP through VirtualBox to confirm that my code worked as I remember on older versions of windows. It did, so I went looking at how windowing libraries handled window creation. All I needed to change was to use WS_POPUP for my fullscreen window style instead of WS_SYSMENU and everything lines up. For some reason this behavior is different between Windows 7 and XP/2000.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who gets caught by this.

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