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How much would you charge?

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So I'm not sure where this thread actually belongs (feel free to move it if necessary).

I'm currently working on a 2d rpg and I wanted to hire a freelancer to do the art job, but I have just figured I have no idea how much what I'm asking for is worth.
I understand that the level of quality of the artist's work will account for a lot in determining what its worth, but since this is a considerable amount of work, I just wanted to have an idea of whether I could afford it or not.

The game uses 32X64 sprites.
Each sprite uses certain animations:

Idle (4 directions: 1 frame each) : 4 frames
Walking (4 directions: 5 frames) : 20 frames
Combat idle (1 direction: 3 frames) : 3 frames
Combat Slash (1 direction: 5 frames) : 5 frames
Combat Cast (1 direction: 3 frames) : 3 frames
Combat Use (1 direction: 3 frames) : 3 frames
= 38 frames

My question is, how much would you charge for each of these sprites?
(I'm looking for an order of magnitude here).
Also, how long would it take to produce according to your experience? (1/hour, 0.25/hours, 4/hour?)


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Normally you ask the artist for a quote. Sprite artists work anywhere from $15-50 an hour and they should be able to estimate how long your assets will take (depends on resolution, number of frames, how many directions, etc)


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