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GPU Memory Management

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In DirectX 11, fullscreen mode, is there a way to manually manage the GPUs memory? e.g.. to control which textures are in the GPUs real memory?

I know that when the GPU is shared then it makes sense to virtualise the GPUs memory and let the OS page stuff out of GPU ram and into system RAM (And vice versa) but when in full screen mode I was wondering if you can get more direct control over this?

One reason why I'd want to do this is because I have a large texture that I'd like to keep in GPU RAM. This texture may not be used for long periods of time and so will be a prime candidate for being swapped out of GPU RAM, yet when it is needed its needed instantly without delay and so I don't want to have to wait whilst its copied back from system ram into GPU ram.

Can this be done?

Maybe I have to "touch" the texture every frame, even when I'm not using it, to keep it from being swapped out?


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