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Problems with Lesson35 in C++

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Hi guys! I want to translate LEsson 35 totally in C++. And for this I made an array class like this one at glVelocity.gamedev.net. And as I translate it,it comes 2 mistakes. The first mistake: m_Heightmap = new UV_Array2D(nSize,nSize); //nSize is big as MAP_SIZE = 1024 fread(m_Heightmap,1,TotalSize,pFile);//TotalSize is 1024*1024 after this it comes this mistake: CAnt get File Data! or something like that. Where is the mistake?! the second is: how could I transform this line return pHeightmap[x+(y*MAP_SIZE)]; to: return m_Heightmap->Array[x][y];//x+(y''MAP_SIZE) is missing but how can I bring this line in?! I know..I''m stupid but plz help me! Thx anyway PS: Sorry for my poor poor english is not my native language!

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