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[java] multiplayer

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Hi i want to learn more about doing client/server programs in java. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I would kinda want to start with a simple chat program. Thanks

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I wrote one of those last summer... It was an interesting experience. Especially since I had to learn GUI and thread stuff at the same time, just to make the program useable.

Just to complicate things, I decided to learn to use Serialization at the same time.

In case you''re curious as to what I came up with:

This is an executable jar containing the Swing based client.

This is an executable jar containing the server which has no UI. Shutting it down is possible without killing the process, but it''s not well documented. Basically, you''d use a command something like:

java -cp NetServer.jar server.KillLocalServer

This is a jar file containing all the .java sources. I used Forte (some early version) to help build the GUI, and the .form files it created aren''t included. Still, I doubt you''d care that much about them.

I found two books to be great resources while working on that project. Both were by O''Rielly press... The first was Java Networking. The second was Java Threads. It''s definately worth your time to see if you can get them from a local library. Depending on how lost you feel, it might be a good idea to buy them outright.

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