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Wacky Game Making Company Style; Internet Circle

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This could be a fun game too. For example, say you know 5 people that are kind of into programming, or you meet them online as a circle request for this game or as a website (a metagame site), and basically one or more people go first and write a short, but playable, game quickly. This is then e-mailed to another person, who may then mod & rewrite it (with the goal to add more than subtract AMAP), and the players keep passing these program scripts around, being allowed to make new ones or mod/upgrade old ones, but with no design coordination or interaction between "complete" games produced. This may produce novel designs and be a fun way to practice programming, and for novices it may be fun to use a free program like Visual Basic or one of the microsoft visual express programs, and make a simple program and use it to teach your novice friends to program, using perpahs only PRINT commands in the first one, or even just PRINT INPUT & IF, and pass it back & forth with one or get more in a circle, keep them going around, and post them for free here or on a web site and get users, then donations, and if you can meet people this way that write good interesting code and add great things to your design and work good with you, maybe you can do the same thing on a commercial or cash-shop game, or perhaps make some new business software or discover a new programming trick/funciton that can be sold as an API/SDK function/variable set precompiled or open. (Note thatmost people are honest when they're not controlled or desperate.....typically. The concerns may be overrated, and sometimes a program maker's 'trick telling' is actually good marketing, and copycats won't hurt you as much as you think, unless you want to work once and not again, and I would hate for someone who makes good programs to get rich and stop making them forever, however I also think money is good motivation, so the real key is to find ways to enjoy making programs, and perhaps we can have tons of programs and make sure we're all ok without secretly competing over food? and openly sharing huge quantities of open code programs/models etc that make the new hardware and programs more awesome, and still keeping people writing new software and combining powerful software easily in new experimental ways and getting rewarded and also being happy and having fun doing it while doing things that they feel are important and will make people and themselves happy.) Also be sure to make games you want to play, and to play them a lot, and also play popular and other games and carefully analyze what you and others like and don't like about them.....and talk about it with people, sharing your info will make them share theirs, and you will both win and get smarter and more informed, and if one person is way more knoweldgeable and awesome on the topic, and they train the novice, the novice will remember them for that typically and reward them if they become richer and the old guy needs it, so it's safety, plus having lots of smart productive people makes us all richer than if everyone is lied to and does nothing good....then everybody will be poor. We all must be efficient due to seeing how we all are, and a little violence in the competition totally removes the focus on making awesome powerful stuff that makes tons of food & everything else, and knowing that the #1 way for all to get lots is for all to make lots, and to worry about the divying up of the lots too much causes lots to not be made, making the divying even worse and more desperate/survivaly.

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