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[SOLVED] Playing Card Flip Animation

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I am creating a simple game with playing cards which needs an animation to show the cards being turned over.
At the moment I am creating the card graphics in Inkscape and was thinking of using the Perspective tool to produce around 8 frames for each card's animation.

The problem is, the Perspective tool only works on single objects, and so I can't apply perspective to the whole card graphic, only a single element of it at a time. This produces bad results when using the tool on each element of the card individually, without editing the perspective shape for each element (which is very time consuming).

So... I was wondering if there is an easier way to produce the animation. I have considered exporting a PNG of the card's front and back and using Photoshop's Perspective tool to produce the frames in between but this also seems particularly time consuming, as I will need to produce the images for many cards.

Without using 3D Graphics within my game, is there a simple way to produce what I need.
I have attached an example of the frames I have created in Inkscape using cards consisting of 1 or 2 objects. In actual fact I'd like to use many more, which would be problematic using the current method.


Apologies for the poor explanation, I hope you can tell what I intend to achieve.
Thanks for any help in advance.

EDIT: I have just worked out the Inkscape Envelope tool does exactly what I need.

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