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SDL: key sym is always 0

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hello, I''m fiddling around with SDL. Everything works fine unless keyboard input. I want the prog to exit when ''esc'' is pressed. But when I poll a keydown event the key''s keysym.sy is always 0. [cpp] while( !bQuit ) { // handle all events while( SDL_PollEvent( &sdlEvent ) ) { switch( sdlEvent.type ) { // a key is pressed case SDL_KEYDOWN: case SDL_KEYUP: switch( sdlEvent.key.keysym.sym ) { // does not work ! ...sym is always 0 if( sdlEvent.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_TAB ) bQuit = true; // does work if( sdlEvent.key.type == SDL_KEYUP ) bQuit = true; break; //... } } [/cpp] sdlEvent.key.keysym.sym is alway 0. sdlEvent.key.keysym.scancode is always valid but I cant recognize all keys with that. Can anyone help me out on this ? http://www.turtlegame.f2s.com [Edited by - cmdkeen on May 19, 2008 8:44:54 PM]

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