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Need help understanding why this grid will not start up.

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I am trying to make a grid of randomly colored squares (and just to let you know before hand: some of the squares are colored black).

Right now I am using the following code snippets to produce this effect:

void getTransform(point x) {
glTranslatef((float)x.x-prev.x+23-counter, (float)x.y+counter, 0.0);
if (subCounter % 10 == 0) {
counter = counter+10;
std::cout << subCounter << "\n";
prev = x;

//And in my draw function:
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
glVertex2i(0, 0);
glVertex2i(20, 0);
glVertex2i(20, 20);
glVertex2i(0, 20);

Also, my grid is defined in the following way:

typedef struct {
int x;
int y;
int type; //For color don't worry about it...

point grid[100];

//I initialize the grid before initialize GLUT...
void initGrid() {
for (int i = 0.0; i<100.0; i++) {
for (int g = 0.0; g < 100.0; g++) {

I have opted out the getColor function because it is working fine, but I am not able to get the grid to draw right. When I run the program my output looks something like the attached file. How can I change the code to make straight rows? Any help would be appreciated. If you need more code just ask. (Additional notes: I am using OpenGL and C++).

A result:

[attachment=1624:Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 11.41.44 AM.png]

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I don't know if it has anything to do with your problem, but your initGrid function looks suspicious. You're setting the x parameter for the same grid i subscript 100 times.

EDIT: I.e., your grid array is getting loaded with ( 0,99 ), ( 1,99 ), ..., ( 99,99 ).

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I figured it out.

In my getTransform function I changed it to:

void getTransform(point x) {
glTranslatef(21, 0, 0.0);
if (counter % 10 == 0 && counter >= 10) {
glTranslatef(0, 21, 0);
glTranslatef(-210, 0, 0);

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