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How do I store my texture in a dynamic array?

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I was reading the redbook and for those who read it, you know that they always use the checkboard texture that they generate proceduraly. Well it was all fine and good but I wanted my own texture (wonders of wonders). So, after writting the loading code etc I tried to store it in an array like the checkboard but I ran in a problem, I couldnt declare an array this way : int *Image; Image = new int[Width][Height][3]; I can only do it when it''s not a pointer, so I thought : hey no biggies, I''ll do a one dimension array. So, I toyed around with the checkboard example and did the following : < #define checkImageWidth 64 #define checkImageHeight 64 //GLubyte checkImage[checkImageHeight][checkImageWidth][3]; GLubyte checkImage[checkImageHeight * checkImageWidth * 3]; void makeCheckImage(void) { int i, j, c; for (i = 0; i < checkImageHeight; i++) { for (j = 0; j < checkImageWidth; j++) { c = ((((i&0x8)==0)^((j&0x8))==0))*255; checkImage[(i * checkImageWidth) + 0] = (GLubyte) c; checkImage[(i * checkImageWidth) + 1] = (GLubyte) c; checkImage[(i * checkImageWidth) + 2] = (GLubyte) c; } } } Of course since I''m writting this, it doesnt work at all. So, what did I miss, how do ppl store the textures usualy, before they load them into vram?

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