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Does anybody here know anything about directshow? I am trying to capture frames from a usb webcam and do some processing of each frame i am looking at the playcap sample program that comes with it and im just not sure where to start with objects i should be looking at or whatever. I want to be able to actually get the rgb values kind of like you would from a bitmap when u load it into memory but i dont know how to do it with a media stream. I know this is probably a long shot that anybody here knows this stuff but any clues or ideas you guys have would be really appreciated thanks.

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Hmmm... DirectShow can be a strange beast until you get used to it. Take a look at the GraphBuilder application, which allows you to drag and drop to build interesting filter combinations. Also, look at some of the sample code that involves some simple image processing. In the most basic terms, you want to create a filter graph where the capture filter is connected to your frame processor, which is connected to some sort of output renderer. If you can get that filter graph built correctly, you''ll be in business. The best thing I can tell you is look at the samples.

Another option - look at the Texture3D sample. This creates a filter that receives frames from an AVI reader and reformats them as textures. Use that as a base. First, change it to get frames from the capture device, then add your processing before the texture creation, then eventually rip out all the 3D stuff and add some other output mechanism.

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You want to look at the capture applications, they may just work with the webcam.

If you want to do some special processing on a stream, I''m almost certain you have to write your own DirectShow Filter, and manually insert it into the graph as CrazedGenius mentioned.

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