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DirectX in VB...

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is there a good tutorial on DirectX for VB that accually explains what the different things do and how they work? i dont know much about directx but i would like to learn it...i am really good in i want to learn dx in vb.... thanks! =) Edited by - rkinasz on September 7, 2001 4:35:35 AM Edited by - rkinasz on September 7, 2001 4:36:05 AM

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Hey rkinasz,

Lucky''s VB gaming site has some pretty good stuff:
(check the tutorials section for DX7 and DX8)

You should be able to find some more links as well at this 3D links page:

Hope this helps!


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This site has a lot... 92 DX tutorials and is constantly growing.

The site mentioned above ( has a really active message board, although currently the message board is down. The tutorials there are still quite good.

And, nothing beats the SDK. It has everything covered in great detail with clear, working examples too.

For starting out, I would concentrate on one aspect of it, rather than "DirectX", try and learn DirectDraw (not in DX8), DirectGraphics or one of the simpler things DirectSound. Because they are all separate entities and have completely different purposes (well, there is some overlap with DDraw7 and D3D7, but that''s not the point )

Trying is the first step towards failure.

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