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The Wishmaster

TGA Texture Mapping(L34)

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I dunno if i can describe the problem so that anyone can figure out what went wrong. Well knowing Lesson34 should help. My main Programm is calling an Object to create a simple Display List of a cube: GLuint cube = DLists.SimpleCube(GLfloat radius, char * TextureFileName); Then SimpleCube calls an Object to load textures: GLuint TexID = TexMan.LoadGLTexture(TEXTURE Texture); LoadGLTexture will return the texID. then SimpleCube maps the Texture: glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, TexID); I am loading the Textures by creating the Display Lists(see above) in reverse order(tex4, tex3, tex2, tex1). But i am displaying them in right order: glCallList(cube1); glCallList(cube2); ... The result is that all Objects are displayed with the Texture of cube1. Changing the loading order didnt move anything, but if I call glCallList(cube2) first, all the Objects are mapped with the Texture of cube2... Does that sound stupid and impossible to you too? Please dont give answers like: "in line ... there is a syntax error." cause this isnt the original code. If anyone wants to see the full code post me your e-mail address

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