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Thin client games

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I''ve heard that there are thin client versions of popular games. Is that true? and where can I find information about it? Greetinz, Joriz Thankz for you time and effort.

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A web browser is a thin client, as is a Citrix session. The client doesn't do any of the work, it just displays what some server decides.

There are some thin client games, that use MacroMedia's Flash or something like that... usualy just simple games for promotional purposes.

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In theory, you could write a game wherethe client simply relays keypresses and mouse movements to the server, and the server renders the entire world and sends it to the client which displays it on the screen.
Of course, this is completely impossible today because of ping and the excessive amount of bandwidth it would consume. It would be nice tho (from an anti-cheating perspective).


One line of sourcecode says more than a thousand words.

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