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Some questions about DirectDraw and Windows.

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I''ve been programming some stuff in DirectDraw for quite some time now, but there are still some things i cannot find a good solution for. Here''s a list of questions 1. Does the double buffer function work in windowed mode? Stupid question maybe, but.. Problem is that it has no effect when i''m in windowed mode. When i hover the mousepointer above my window, it flickers alot. How can i sync my pageflipping to only flip once pr frame? It works fine in fullscreen. 2. I''ve seen lots of windowed demos and games where the effect continues even if you unselect the window. When i do that, ie going back to the Visual Studio windows, my app stops. Do i need to make an own thread for it, or is there a simpler solution? 3. In fullscreen mode the mousepointer still flickers even when i turn it off. When its on, it does not flicker 4. In fullscreen, i can actually put my mousepointer on the top of the screen and drag the screen down, causing the app to freeze and then crash. I found this weird, since i turn off the titlebar and the close-button etc. What gives? As you can see, all these problems are probably related to eachother. I''m programming a 3d software engine for the record.. The engine itself is finished, so these are the only annoying problems i''m left with. I''ve read most tutorials and checked other peoples sources, but they seem to do the same as i do. Would be nice if someone could give me some hints to what might be wrong. Thank you

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this one, is for free
and it took me 4 hours to find out why
my window is still showing when activating
direct draw.

you MUST use a window with WS_POPUP
style. use it, and all the screen showing
problems will dissapear.

other problems like moving your window can
be solved by disabling window resize and other
things that may interrupt your program.

taken from my proggies and MS dx8 SDK samples:
(just put it in your window msg handler)

// Override the paint and move messages.

// Prevent moving/sizing and power loss in fullscreen mode

switch( wParam )
case SC_MOVE:
case SC_SIZE:
return TRUE;
return DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam);

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Wow, thanks.. So many years of frustration.. I''ll try it later, but it looks like its the thing i need to change.

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