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fps counter

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You have to count the number of frames you draw in a static int for example

static int frames = 0;
static DWORD lastTimeFPS = 0; //time when the last calculation took place
DWORD curTime = timeGetTime();

// Update the scene stats once per second
if( curTime - lastTimeFPS > 1000 )
curFPS = 1000 * frames / (float)(curTime - lastTimeFPS);
lastTimeFPS = curTime;
frames = 0;

You must call this code every time you have finished to redraw a frame, then it will update "curFPS" every second. This you could printf or draw to the screen. The core of the code is the timeGetTime(); You must therefore #include "mmsystem.h" and link with winmm.lib

Sorry for my extraordinary bad english

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Original post by EddieCai
that''s to say, you must manage your fps counter all by yourself, right?


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