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A free experienced AI Coder.

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Crisis 51 A Single Player Half Life MOD needs some coders or a coder. We had a couple but they left because school started (lol) and they said that they would have no time to work on the MOD. Crisis 51 is a single player MOD. Here is the story: -------------------------------- The top secret research facility, Site-4, lies inside the boundaries of the Groom lake facility (AREA 51) in a remote corner of the Nevada desert. Site-4 is the home of top secret aeronautic research, from aircraft weaponry to extra-terrestrial life forms, and most recently inter-planetary portals. Nearly all of the United States "black projects" are contained in Site-4. Site-4 is protected with state of the art security and defense technology so advanced that some detectors can actually smell and distinguish a person from an animal, as well as having highly trained Delta-Force (US special forces) as base security. The heavily armed and powerful terrorist organization Blackstar, is led by Davidov Romenenko, an ex-Russian Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), turned arms dealer and terrorist, a man so powerful governments around the world shiver at the thought of him. His organization started in 1989 and grew so strong they were able to take the newest and most advanced weapons by force, reproduce them for themselves and sell them on the black market. Blackstar has almost everything they could ever dream of, except for one thing... The object they desire most lies inside of Site-4, a weapon being built by S-4 scientists. The project, spearheaded by an insider working for Davidov named Earl Dixon, is the key figure in a plan to retrieve the weapon from Site-4. A heist of this scale is surely impossible. But they will overcome the impossible with the help of government moles, a large army, and state of the art technology to surpass the impenetrable wall of security and bring the US government to its knees using a weapon far more powerful than anything else they have ever seen. You are Mark Slater, a research scientist who specializes in anomalous materials, and weapons technology,with off-world survival and combat training. You are caught in the thick of this takeover while on a cosmic mission to find a very important element, Unopentium, otherwise known as ''Element 115'' and a very important component to the weapon being pursued by Blackstar. You must use your wits to fight your way out of the base and contact the outside world. Try to survive an impossible situation. Security will fall, terror will rise. Crisis 51, stay alive. -------------------------------- We have about 12 active members right now, but we lost our coders. We currently have helicopters coded in and wish to have ther flying and land vehicles too, as well as some terrorist AI, some BOSSES and of course weapons etc. If you would like to know anything else about the MOD, just go to www.crisis51.com or email me at hl_crisis51@hotmail.com Please talk to me on aim as "hlcrisis51". If you would like to fillout a form to join just go to www.crisis51.com/join.shtml. Thanks, Crisis Security Will Fall... Terror Will Rise... Crisis 51... Stay Alive...

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