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line gradient and bloom effect

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svnstrk    133
hi guys,

recently i saw this video for a game called auditorium hd:


im curious how can i create such effect. im guessing there's two effect implemented to draw the line: gradient where the line has a fading tails, and the bloom effect. im not 100% right about the jargon, so please cmiiw! i need help how can i create those in my currently started game. anyone has any idea how to create those? (in real time of course)

EDIT: i found this tron-like firework effect:

thats exactly something that i have in mind. any idea how to create this?

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rouncer    294
the main thing they are doing is add blending, basicly instead of just averaging the colours together, instead you add them (its a blend state) and multiple particles will blend together to make a streak, if you get it white in the inside and coloured on the outside youve got it about right.

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