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Need book recommendations.

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I am currently learning C# 4.0/XNA 4.0.

What I need:
A book that teaches you from the beginning, and has you use what you've learned at the end of each chapter, adding more and more advanced stuff as you progress.

The books I currently have just throw code at you/don't have you really test to see if you've learned anything.

Book list:
Learning XNA 4.0
Learn Programming Now! XNA 4.0
XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example (I may try reading this again, but it's not exactly starting with the basic basic stuff)
C# 4.0 In a Nutshell
C# 2010 All-In-One for Dummies
Essential C# 4.0
O' Reilly C# 4.0
Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development, Creating Games using XNA Game Studio 4
XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming

If I wasn't such an idiot, these books would probably be all I need. But bleh. I seem to learn better when listening, not reading, and there are no good C# 4.0/XNA 4.0 tutorials on YT, they all stink.

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ryan mccabe    161
If these books do teach you and all you need is exercises, then something really good to do would be to make your own examples with what you have been shown. Doing someone else tests is all well and good but if you make your own exercises it will be of more use to you when you need to start writing your own code for applications.

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