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Pathfinding animation question

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EdwardVella    100
i have implemented my path finding algorithm and now it works using without collision detection without multiple agents. I am going to implement the steering behaviours for the agents so that they can steer away from other agents, but during the planning stages i have run into the problem to see how i can make my agents "stick" to my navigation mesh.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know about some papers which can help me solve this problem?


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Emergent    982
A nice unified way to do swarming is with interagent potentials. I.e. have them exert repulsive/attractive forces on one another, with minima at the interagent distances you want to maintain.

You can also incorporate, in such a framework, global potentials in the environment -- and these are what will prevent the agents from leaving the navmesh. In other words, the boundaries of your environment would radiate a repulsive force.

Some papers include [url=""]Rimon & Koditschek[/url] (for the single-agent case) and [url=""]Tanner & Jadbabaie Part I[/url] and [url=""]Part II[/url] for the multiagent case, though, honestly, I don't really recommend building navigation functions the way Rimon & Koditschek do; instead, there are some natural ways to build potentials that are defined piecewise over your triangles. I don't have a source off the top of my head for this, but it's pretty straightforward; it's the kind of thing you'd just make up yourself if you paused to think about it for a little bit. Maybe I can track down some sources later though.

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