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This library is my project, I am working on it since approx. 2 Years. Sounds a long time, but I had some breaks and also 2 Changes in the used OpenGL Version.
Lately I changed to OpenGL 3.3 which gave me some headache, because finding [i]good articles[/i] about 3.3 is a pain in the [s]butt[/s].
I ended up in a nearly complete rewrite, but, here it is.

[u]System Requirements:[/u]
* DirectX10 Graphics Hardware, capable of OpenGL 3.3, ATI or NVIDIA.
* Dual Core Processor or better
* Windows XP or better. Developed on Windows 7 though.
* Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 with SP1 in any Version, 2010 is not supported yet.

[u]Key Features:[/u]
* Programmed Cross Platform. Theoretically it can run on any platform supporting OpenGL 3.3. All libraries are x-platform. Some external Tools are not though, but should run with WinE.
* Using OpenGL 3.3. Core SDK only
* Font Support via Andreas' BMFont
* SpriteSheets supported via SpriteSheetPacker
* Sprite Batching
* Picture-by-picture animated Sprites
* Shaders

There is still a lot of Stuff to do. But theoretically you can already make Games with.
You can [url=""]download[/url] a precompiled Package with Tools, Samples and of course the library with it's .dll, docs and what not else, from the Project Website.

The Future Vision is to present a complete Toolchain including Scripting ([i]like Kismet, but that still stands on the Edge[/i]), Gameplay-Editors etc.

[u]Help: [/u]
I am currently looking for some things to be done by people with more knowledge in those areas than I have:
* CMake or Bakefile Support for generating projectfiles
* GUI - I would love some help here to get started

If you feel like you got some time - contact me :).
It may not be the best :o - but it is working and it is made with love :D
Thanks for reading.

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I hope this slight push is okay for everyone.
I have made a website for the library:
It contains a forums, a wiki and a frontend.
Please, take a minute to tell me what you think.
I have also released a new installer containing the new api and libs/tools.

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Version 0.0.3 has been delivered, featuring less dependencies and the installer/zip now delivers all dependencies, including needed boost-headers.
It has a lot of bugfixes and performance updates.
If you download it, please leave some feedback and please notice that work is still in progress!

Complete Feature-List:

[list][*]Picture by picture animation[*]Spritebatching[*]Shaders[*]Textrendering, static and dynamically[*]Render to texture[*]Logging[*]Simple Database-Wrapper for SQLite[*]Configuration Management[*]Resource Management[*]Parallax Scrolling[/list]

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