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Well, writing a program in the first place is quite enough overhead for the system

Well, here's some casting I did and dissasembled:

void main(void)
float a = 7.45;
int b = 8;
char c = '*';

float d = (float)b;
float e = (float)c;

int f = (int)a;
int g = (int)c;

char h = (char)a;
char i = (char)b;


1: void main(void)
2: {
0040E090 push ebp
0040E091 mov ebp,esp
0040E093 sub esp,28h
3: float a = 7.45;
0040E096 mov dword ptr [a],40EE6666h
4: int b = 8;
0040E09D mov dword ptr [b],8
5: char c = '*';
0040E0A4 mov byte ptr [c],2Ah
7: float d = (float)b;
0040E0A8 fild dword ptr [b]
0040E0AB fstp dword ptr [d]
8: float e = (float)c;
0040E0AE movsx eax,byte ptr [c]
0040E0B2 mov dword ptr [ebp-28h],eax
0040E0B5 fild dword ptr [ebp-28h]
0040E0B8 fstp dword ptr [e]
10: int f = (int)a;
0040E0BB fld dword ptr [a]
0040E0BE call __ftol(0x004010ec)
0040E0C3 mov dword ptr [f],eax
11: int g = (int)c;
0040E0C6 movsx ecx,byte ptr [c]
0040E0CA mov dword ptr [g],ecx
13: char h = (char)a;
0040E0CD fld dword ptr [a]
0040E0D0 call __ftol(0x004010ec)
0040E0D5 mov byte ptr [h],al
14: char i = (char)b;
0040E0D8 mov dl,byte ptr [b]
0040E0DB mov byte ptr [i],dl
15: }
0040E0DE mov esp,ebp
0040E0E0 pop ebp
0040E0E1 ret

The lines with numbers are C code, so you can observe the correspondance.

Edited by - Zipster on September 8, 2001 5:43:43 PM

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Casting only has overhead (in the compiled code) when it causes a conversion. All those _ftol calls are expensive. And the filds aren't too great either. They convert integers to floating point and vice-versa.

Casting pointer types around is just instructions for the compiler.

Stupid designs have the most overhead.

Polymorphism and inheritence have very, very little overhead on a 'wintel' system.

If you're concerned about the overhead of a virtual method, you shouldn't be calling a function in the first place.

Magmai Kai Holmlor
- Not For Rent

Edited by - Magmai Kai Holmlor on September 9, 2001 12:41:27 AM

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