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Swipe Fight: A Fighting Game for iPhone (early development)

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I've always been an avid gamer, but game development is something that I've just recently started to get into. I've been learning C, C++, and Objective-C with the intention of making iPhone apps as both a learning experience and as a hobby. After learning the ropes and making simple things such as Tic-Tac-Toe I've started on something a bit more ambitious. I've noticed that the iPhone lacks fighting games, mostly because the small touch screen makes a deep user interface rather impractical. The only successful iPhone fighting game that I know of is Street Fighter 4, and even that had to be gutted in the control department compared to the console versions to make it work.

I personally feel that I have found a solution to the Fighting Game UI problem by doing away with virtual buttons entirely, and instead adopting a Super Smash Bros. style directional attacking system using swiping gestures. Here's a link to my new blog where I plan to catalog the game's development. Currently I have videos showcasing the basic features of the engine I have created there. The game is being made with the Cocos2d game framework, but the physics and collision detection have been made from scratch. As of now, I have absolutely zero art or sprite work put into the game because, frankly, I have no visual art skills whatsoever. Hopefully I can get in contact with a sprite artist somewhere down the line.

Important Links:
My Blog
Demo Vid 1
Demo Vid 2 (made later when more features were added)

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome.

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