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Game with game editor technique

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Hunter789    113
Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out a good way to desing the architecture of a game that will work well with it's edtior (and obviously a way to design the architecture of the editor to work with the game). I'm thinking something like Torchlight with its TorchEd.

I know one of the techniques consists in starting the game in edit mode (the game editor does that) with a window handle indicating in which window the game should be displayed. When the game is started, it communicates with the editor by commands sent by TCP/IP. Is there a name for that technique?

I've tried to search the web for other techniques but was unsuccessful. Do you guys know where I should look to find more ways to do it?

Thanks a lot!

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ApochPiQ    23061
There's any number of techniques for this; they generally fall under the umbrella of "interprocess communication" or IPC. TCP/IP is one method, but generally if you use raw networking you have to do a lot of implementation work yourself; another family of options goes by the name Remote Procedure Call or RPC. RPC has a large number of excellent libraries in various languages and is generally pretty robust, albeit sometimes a little heavyweight. The .Net world has some great options for embedding engines inside editors and such (you can mix/match C# and C++ fairly easily if you design clean interfaces, for instance) and there's always COM if you just want local editing.

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