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Art Direction for an iPhone Fighter

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I've been working on a fighting game for the iPhone for the past couple of weeks as my first major programming project past simple stuff like tic-tac-toe. I've created the [url=""]engine[/url] and most of the main in game features, but in order to actually make any characters, I need some sort of theme and art direction for the game. Unfortunately, my artistic talent is rather limited (read:none). I'm not expecting anybody to offer artistic services, I'm just fishing for suggestions on some way I could take the game to make it look professional without going overboard on a simple spare-time project.

Edit: I put this here because in this case, I hope that the art will help sculpt the game-play, not the other way around. What I mean here is that the way the game feels to play needs to correspond to the general art style. For example, I wouldn't want a game with a dark and gritty art style to be all about light and fast play with flashy attacks, just as I wouldn't want a game with a whimsical art style to be slow and methodical in it's game-play execution.


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