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LazyFoo's SDL Tutorials - Can't find some of the Documentation

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Hey everyone sorry if this has been asked before as i'm new to this site.
I'm using LazyFoo's SDL tutorials and I really love them but I can't find all of the documentation.
I've found the documentation for some things but I can't find the documentation for lesson 8 about the SDL_Key definitions
Is there a link to all of the documentations or something I'm not seeing? Because I really like the way his documentation is laid out and I'd prefer to use his over just googling everything.
Thanks everyone! =D

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[quote name='rip-off' timestamp='1302603259' post='4797452']
Do you mean [url=""]this kind of documentation[/url]?

That's not exactly what I was looking for but it'll do just fine, thanks! [img][/img]

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