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DX11 1DTexture Help Needed!

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I'm trying to create a Shader Resource View for a 1D texture. However, my source for the texture is just a .png file, and when I use:

D3DX11CreateTextureFromFile( g_pd3dDevice, L"ColorRamp01.png", NULL, NULL, &pTexture, NULL );

The texture is created as a 2D texture. I have also tried using the D3DX11_IMAGE_LOAD_INFO structure to specify that I want a 1D texture as follows, but I get the same results.

D3DX11_IMAGE_INFO sourceInfo;
hr = D3DX11GetImageInfoFromFile(L"ColorRamp01.png", NULL, &sourceInfo, NULL );
sourceInfo.ResourceDimension = D3D11_RESOURCE_DIMENSION_TEXTURE1D;

loadInfo.pSrcInfo = &sourceInfo;

ID3D11Resource *pTexture = NULL;
D3DX11CreateTextureFromFile( g_pd3dDevice, L"ColorRamp01.png", &loadInfo, NULL, &pTexture, NULL );

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

NOTE: Yes, I know I'm ignoring a return value, I just omitted that to make the listing shorter. On execution all the HRESULTS are coming back as S_OK

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The pLoadInfo is specified as [in] in the docs, so this value is just returned.

I found a function called D3DX11LoadTextureFromTexture, maybe this does what you want, but I can't say since I never used it.

If you can't get that to work you'll need to create a new 1D texture and use the height/format from the one you load and then manually copy the data into the 1D texture.

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Will look in to LoadTextureFromTexture...I was hoping to avoid having to populate the data myself, but I guess that's mostly just laziness.

Also I need to go back to the MSDN pages I was viewing that led me to that LoadInfo structure...the verbiage on MSDN definitely stated that you could alter the values of that structure to control how the texture was loaded, but it wouldn't be the first time I misread something there...

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