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This website is very shitty....

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I'm not sure why everyone's crying about the site design. I haven't seen the old one, but I think this one only has a few flaws. Nothing worth posting a whole thread over just to call it sh---y and with one line insulting the members. Seriously though, aren't you more of a problem than dull-minded members - cough, negative 64 reputation, cough.

Here's a thought, also. If someone can't answer your question, why does that make them a criminal? You're already the one who doesn't know and has to ask, so you don't have the answer either. It's not like you can expect everyone else will hop to it and start searching desperately for the answer to what's pressing for you instead of working on their own span of knowledge and finding answers to the questions they have. If they know, they'd tell you, if not, it's up to you to do the searching.

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