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Unity Stopmotion jump n' run

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Teaddict    122
Hello to everyone, this is my first post (hopefully not the last one). I will start with a little background, to explain what exactly i try to do.
So, i am 3rd yr student in arts,(i study painting, drawing and sculpture) studied a bit photography and graphic design before that, and familiar with photoshop (because sometimes you have to make some money :D ).

So, before a few months i had an idea about a MMO game, ofcourse far beyond my possibilities :). After that i talked with a few more people, and finally we shrinked down the idea to a stop motion jump n' run game for Android. Something like Cletus Clay, but far more dark and mechanised. Right now we're in the middle of the concept, but i dont want the whole project to stuck after that, so i am making a research for the technical parts of it.

I want to ask, if you can tell me a software suitable for this needs..I have checked out the Unity game development tool, but its far away from my understanding,so i dont know if it really fits. The problem is that i cannot start searching for people who are writing on the program, before i know which one it is...:)

Thanks in advance for ur answers :)

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