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Planet Assault - 2.5D Sci-Fi Mech Sidescroller in Development

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Hello everyone!

My name is Jay and we are phase.iNERTIA.studios, we are a start-up using Unity in developing a 2.5D Sci-Fi Mech Sidescroller game for the PC called Planet Assault and just wanted to let you guys know about it and come check out our site - http://www.phaseinertia.com - for progress, updates and of course to give us some support. We are to release a pre-alpha built soon, end of this month hopefully and would like for some to test it out.

Planet Assault Intro:

Planet Assault is set in a not so distant solor system (from Earth) on a planet called Breen where a race resides called the Telanii. A threat called the Miin Empire has set their eyes for Breen and is set to enslave its inhabitants. After months of space battle the Miin is succesful in disabling the Telanii's solar defense system and take hold of Breen's capital city of Solaris and have begun their invasion and enslavement over its people.

All of Breen's fleet has been destroyed or disabled except for one called the Techondria which was out on a deep space mission. A hopeful distress signal back on Breen is intercepted by the Techondria, upon learning of their homeworlds invasion they make haste back home. With the Miin in control of the Telanii solar defense systems they will be unable to reach Breen without being completely noticed. Luck comes upon a small Miin scout party, Techondria engages, destroys and captures a few. Using the captured scout ships they send Major Galard to cross the Miin main defense fleet and land on the outskirts of Solaris to start plans for a re-take over.

Gameplay will be similar to that of Metroid/Megaman with many different missions as well as different controllable Mechs. Weapon and armor upgrades and add-ons will be available and attribute upgrades that will effect how the Mechs are controlled. Hoping to squeeze in multiplayer as well with at least 4-8 players with different game modes as well as co-op.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to our support email on the site. Please support us and keep checking our site for updates (pretty bare right now) as well as alpha and beta tests in the near future.



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