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[Mac and iOS] XCode problem and apple dev forums?

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So, I have two problems. First of all, I went here and logged in...

...and nothing. No topics, no posts, nothing, just that one webpage.
Where are the actual forums?

Second problem... got my macbook and XCode from the appstore yesterday.
Create a new OpenGL ES project and hit run.... crashes with a LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select...
Now this is right out of the box, no modifications. It should work.
I went on google and searched for solutions. Most people suggested switching to an older version of the iPhone simulator.
That did not help.

Any suggestions?

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So apparently, only developers who pay the $99 have access to the forums. This is fine with me, but they should tell me that instead of just sending me to the same page with no feedback.

Anyway, Still having the problem with the LLVM crash when running an OpenGL ES application in any version of the simulator and also any version of XCode. Any thoughts?

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