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wondering if an idea will work.

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well lits not the newest idea. but im making a online rpg {mmorpg) im really doing it for experience. but it might become public. since im a student i dont have the money or the bandwidth to having anything near what id need to host. i just want to know if this would work. and how good of an idea it is... i was thinking of having multiple servers, but all connnected togeather. And when users connect they can pick from a list of servers. basically how irc works.. ie dalnet. if one server were to go down it would dump its users onto the other servers.. and when a new one came on it would even it out. the main server.. would be for keeping track of the servers, user varification, account info.. and variables, ie user health money etc[when they are offline].. the other servers are for getting the packets from the clients and they update info with the other servers. well thats the basics. later

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Im making a mmorgp and im also a student ;-)

I thought about something a bit like that my self.. i wanted to split the servers tasks between more than one pc.. eg one computer handles login & chat room, one deals with all NPCs (ai decisions... that can use a lot of cpu time) and one for all game requests from players like move/attack etc. etc...

the problems i came into was this.. lets say ..
server 1 holds all the map details and decided if/when people move etc
server 2 holds the NPC details and deals with NPC AI
server 3 holds the user details and deals all incomming requests from users (and possibly forwards requests to server1/server2)

lets say player x wants to attack npc y
server 3 needs to 1st contact server 1 and say are the users next to each other
then server 3 asks server 2 to send all the details of NPC y
then server 3 does the combat between the 2 and replies to the user...

the prob is that there is a lot of extra trafic .. and the question is are you saving or wasting time ?

In more relation to your scenario... where all characters details are stored on 1 main server and played on any one of multi servers. the prob is the amount on data on each character really starts to build up and you are going to have to transfer all the data from the main server to the game server in question when the player logs in and then pass it back the the main server from the game server when the player logs out.. also if the game server goes down it cant pass back players details :-/ so they effectivly loose everything they have done on that server

so think a lot about the pros and cons before you distribute the server ;-)

actually you will find that a DSL/cable type connections will support a well programed (by which i meen it doesnt use bandwidth where not required.. like sending data which hasnt changed etc) mmorpg for a very reasonable number of players ( i have had about 12+ players on a 56K dialup connection.. not tested with more yet)

good luck.. ill stop ranting and raving now

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