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Aqua Costa

Texture clipmaps

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Hi, I'm trying to fully understand how texture clipmapping works, but I have some questions.

First what I know:
-There is a stack of n textures of size x, where n is found like this: (originalTextureWidth / pow(2.0, n)) = x);
-So the first texture in the stack is the most detailed and just contains data of a small area around the viewer point, and the last texture is low detailed and contains data of the complete original texture dowsampled.
-When user moves every texture except the lower detailed one(because if already contains complete data) is updated using toroidal addressing.

And now the questions:

1 - How is each texture created? Do I let hardware generate mipmaps?

2 - Are the stack textures updated in the CPU or GPU?

3 - When updating finer levels I read I should sample a coaser level and upsample it, but if I do this wont I loose detail?

Thanks in advance

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