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What would a good chess program need?

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Before we begin, I am aware of the article by François Dominic Laramée on GameDev.Net which can be found [url=""]here![/url]

What I would like to know, is there anything anyone would like to add to that article?

Have there been any significant break throughs on Chess AI, any information on deep brute-force searches.

I am intending on some point in time to make a supplemental addition to François's work, updating the code to optimized C++, possibly with some features in assembly, in particular targeting 64-bit machines.

I have read through François's work quite a few times now, and am ever amazed by the amount of work that has gone into the simple concept of computer chess.

I seek to improve upon the techniques, and introduce some win-board/X-board compatability to the code given, as well as describe the protocol of it.

By the time I have finished, I seek to have a framework capable of running from within programs such as chessmaster, but left open for people to use an API to adjust the way the AI decides upon its route.

Please read through François's work, and let me know if you can expand upon it here, I'd like to know if there are any good features I could add to an open source API.

It will, eventually, be my final goal, to have this API available on high level languages such as C# and Java, with most of the implementation in optimized C++/assembler.

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