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AJAX Tiles Game

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Greetings, GameDev-ers.

I have a little challenge for you lot. I've written a small browser-based game where two players have to conquer a pristine white board by painting the tiles in either red or blue. [url=""][b]You can view it here[/b][/url]. The important detail is that you're not expected to play it. The game plays itself by asking the Red and Blue AIs for the moves they wish to make, and you only get to watch two artificial intelligences duke it out on a virtual board.

Oh, and you can write your own AIs, upload them to a web server somewhere, and paste their URL in the Red AI or Blue AI boxes, to see how they fare against mine (or others which might be posted in this thread). I've posted a [url=""]GitHub project[/url] that contains the PHP code for my AIs, along with a [url=""]README[/url] that explains how you can implement it in other languages. And you could also read the [url=""]relevant blog post[/url] for the game.

Looking forward to seeing your Artificial Intelligence masterworks.

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