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demomaker: keyed animation with timeslider and realtime preview (like 3dsmax) but in c# & directx with slimdx

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hi there ! :D

this is my 1. post here - yeah - and i would like to know where to start if i want to code myself a little demomaker / simple 3d editor like 3dsmax - with 4 construcion windows and a timeslider so one can slide through all frames of the animation...

the gui will not be that problem, but I don't know how to:
- key animations (with start and end key with interpolition/animation between) and
- how to do this timeslider so one can select each single frame of the animation
(in 3dsmax timeslider is below these 4 construction windows and has [url=""]0/100 written on this picture[/url],- in another editor / demomaker looks like [url=""]this[/url] - you know what I mean...)

I'll use c# and dirextX with slimDX

where / how wouly you start?


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