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Where should i start?

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Hello Everybody :x
My brother was always into cars and began talking with lots of people on car forums and that helped him become a Toyota mechanic somehow :x
So i thought id look up some game design forums.. and here i am.

i am new here to Gamedev.
Ever since i was about 4 i have wanted to become a game designer. Throughout my life i drew little characters and planned out little games on paper.
I am very good at drawing, I have had very slight practice with 3d modelers, I understand animation very well, Im good at just about anything film related, and im good with digital art too.
People have told me many of those things are helpful in becoming a game designer.

But i'm a Junior in highschool, almost a Senior.
And i am wondering if anyone can give me some tips as to where i should go or what i should get to get started with game creation.
Are there any free or really cheap programs that would help me?
are there specific classes i should look for?

Anything you could offer me would be great. Thanks so much! :)

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Theres a [url=""]link[/url] above in this forum. The answer is there; it is well put with more links for you. Good luck in your endeavors :)

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If you're lucky enough to own a PS3, my recommendation would actually be to play LittleBigPlanet2. Its level editor is complete enough to make some simple games.

If you want to learn to program, the defacto standard language is C++, but it's a difficult and unforgiving language, and there are probably better choices out there. I however am not in a good position to suggest one. The answer is probably C#, Python, or Java - none of which are languages I know.

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I will look for that link :)

I dont have a ps3 but i have always wanted that game since i first saw it :x
i wish it were for xbox ):

and i will look for the breakin in FaQ's :)
and yeah sorry about my weird screen name.
Ive had it since i was 8. I tried runescape as my first mmorpg back then, and i wanted a name that sounded tough.
everyone loved the wilderness to show off their strength to pk others, and the further you go in the wilderness the higher level of a skull was at the botom left meaning it was getting more dangourous, so i went with Skull 1000. and.. it just kinda fit for me through most of what i play these days.

Thanks for your help :)
I feel welcomed :)

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