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texture coord and scale

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I'm trying to create a sketchup importer , This is the first chunk of code :

double fu, fv, fw;
double fub , fvb, fqb;
fub = fvb = fqb = 0.;
fu = fv = fw = 0.;
m_pApi->ImportVertexUV(&fu, &fv, &fw, &fub, &fvb, &fqb);
ptUV->U = fu *0.78;
ptUV->V = (1 - fv);
ptUV->W = fw;


ptUVb->U = fub;
ptUVb->V =( 1 -fvb);
ptUVb->W = fqb;


m_pApi->ImportVertexUV(&fu, &fv, &fw, &fub, &fvb, &fqb);
&fu, &fv, &fw are the first UV for front face
&fub, &fvb, &fqb are the coord of back face .

I have for each texture an x scale and an y scale
if(pTexture != NULL)
BSTR texturePath = NULL;
hr = pTexture->get_Filename(&texturePath);
std::string bstrFilename = GetFileName(texturePath);
_bstr_t szTexturePath(bstrFilename.c_str());

double width = 0;
double height = 0;
hr = pTexture->get_XScale(&width);
hr = pTexture->get_YScale(&height);


the resulting textures are not precises , may be the problem are the x and y scale?
I must multiply the scale for the uv coord ?


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Keeping in mind that I know nothing about sketchup, I am extremely skeptical that you're supposed to the multiplying the u/v/w coordinates by anything, and that reversing v seems to imply that you're loading your textures upside down.

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Also, why would you multiply the front U by 0.73 and not the back U, if at all?

Probably unrelated to your issue: a front [i]and[/i] back UV set??? Im new to programming but not 3d and although you can have more than one UV set, having a front and back UV is something Ive not seen. Is this specific to something your doing? Then again a backface UV set would just be the numerical reverse of the front set. . .

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