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Engine Advice.....

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Hey Guys,

Sorry about the repetative nature of this thread but like many im slightly overwelmed or perhaps even un-informed about my choices.

Anyway Im looking into developing an idea thats been with me for many years. Im aiming to create an historically realistic RTS WW2 naval game and im currently just toying with different engines to see which would be the best for me (yes only me to begin with) to get to grips with. The biggest problem I face is that this type of game will test possibly the two most difficult aspects in game development. A good ocean, with a varity of weather effects and a good clouds system (for planes).

I come from an artistic background, having released 1 indie game and worked as an artist proffesionally, I have spent the last couple of months learning C# and have created a couple of applications, which im now activly using in day to day life, so I do have some idea what im doing and what to expect from such an understaking as this.

I have already tried several engines, not deeply by any stretch but just playing with whatever trials - free aspects that they come with.

1) Torque3D (tool box demo) - An engine I used for a proffesional project back in 2007, so have some familiarity with it. Easy to use, good community and Ok documentation, Cheap. The things putting me off this is the uncertainty surrounding its future (given the recent take-over), its fast becoming outdate, the inflexability of in game assets(i.e collisions) and how linar the art pipe-line is.

2) Visual3D - Having tried this engine for the last couple of days im convinced it can do exacly what I want it to do and has some very powerful 'Out of The box features' - including a dynamic weather system - powerful water shaders and entity system meaning there is a distinct possibility for some very intresting damage models - also one of its promo vids shows it being used in an RTS format, exacly what I want - The major downers are that it appears the developers have little funding - non-existant community - incomplete toolset and people that don't by the enterprise license (major studio license) are being mugged off with broken promises......not exacly the greatest of marketing.....Shame really.

3)Unity - Though I havent tried Unity much yet my first impressions are - Proven background for a wide range of games, Large community, pretty powerful tools - Ill need to learn some more 'proper' programming to get the best out of it, ill need the full license to get my hands on a decent water system.....buggar!

There the 3 that have really stood out to me in the mine field taht is engine selection.

What I think im going to do is Go through my 30-day trial with Visural3d and then switch to Unity to prototype aspects of my game, which in itself will be quite a long process then return to Visual3d and see if the community harmony has returned or not....if not and Unity is filling my needs then ill buy a full license and go from there.



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