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I'm thinking about making some game that I thought about few years back.
I want to make isometric(?) 3D squad level combat game.

1. So I learned about making 3D models, I picked "Blender" for my modeling software, and I'm not sure which 3D model format I should use.
The 3D models I plan to use doesn't need much more then animation with bones, so I'm wondering which format support these things?

2. After researching for few days I'm thinking about using C++ with SFML and OpenGL. I'm wondering, is it a good choice?

3. Should I use a game engine?
My focus right now isn't about learning to create games from scratch, but to achieve my goal and create the game.
What game engines offers? I've tried to read about some of them and I haven't found what they offer. Does they offer things like SFML do?

Help would be appreciated!

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