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Spline positioning problem after scaling

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Hi all.

I have a control (picturebox), in which I want to draw 2D images (splines) at different positions (some kind of VNC - updating different rectangles) with the help of DirectX.

When I receive the first image, I must resize it to fit picturebox' size, and than resize other images with this scale. I've written the following code to complete it:


void InitializeGraphics()
// Set our presentation parameters
var presentParams = new PresentParameters() ;
presentParams.SwapEffect = SwapEffect.Discard;
presentParams.Windowed = true;

// Create our device
_device = new Device(0, DeviceType.Hardware, pictureBox1,
CreateFlags.SoftwareVertexProcessing, presentParams);
_sprite = new Sprite(_device);

Matrix GetTransformationMatrix(float width, float height)
var scaleWidth = _currentWidthScale = pictureBox1.Width / width;
var scaleHeight = _currentHeightScale = pictureBox1.Height / height;
return Matrix.Scaling(scaleWidth, scaleHeight,1.0F );

Texture LoadTexture(string path)
return TextureLoader.FromFile(_device, path);

public void Draw()
using(var texture = LoadTexture())

Rectangle textureSize;
using (var s = texture.GetSurfaceLevel(0))
SurfaceDescription desc = s.Description;
textureSize = new Rectangle(0, 0, desc.Width, desc.Height);
_sprite.Transform = GetTransformationMatrix(textureSize.Width, textureSize.Height);
Vector3 position = new Vector3(_currentPositionX, _currentPositionY, 1F);

_sprite.Draw(texture, textureSize, _center, position, Color.White);

Scaling works fine. The problem is with the position . For example, when the first image is 1280x800, and I try to place the small second scaled image on {currentPositionX=640,currentPositionY=400} , it doesn't locate correctly and draw it on some another place. I've spent an hours thinking about this behavior but still have no decision. When scaling is off, everything locates fine.

Any help greatly appreciate.

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