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Generating screen-aligned texture coordinates

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I'm a bit puzzled by this: I have a ground plane polygon that I draw as such:

const float Extent = 128;
glVertexAttrib4f(0, -Extent, 0, Extent, 1);
glVertexAttrib4f(0, Extent, 0, Extent, 1);
glVertexAttrib4f(0, Extent, 0, -Extent, 1);
glVertexAttrib4f(0, -Extent, 0, -Extent, 1);

With the following vertex shader aiming to generate screen aligned texture coordinates in the range [0, 1]:

float2 pack(float2 In)
return (In + 1.0) / 2.0;

float4 main(in float4 Position : ATTR0,
uniform float4x4 WorldMatrix,
uniform float4x4 WorldViewProjectionMatrix,
out float2 oScreenSpaceTexCoord : TEXCOORD3) : HPOS
float4 ProjectedCoord = mul(WorldViewProjectionMatrix, Position);
oScreenSpaceTexCoord = pack(ProjectedCoord.xy / ProjectedCoord.ww);
return ProjectedCoord;

and using the following visualization fragment shader:

float4 main(in float2 ScreenSpaceTexCoord : TEXCOORD3) : COLOR
return float4(ScreenSpaceTexCoord, 0, 1);

The results tend to be in the range [0, 1] but they're messed up and they change depending on the camera - ie pixel at coords (x,y) can have a different texcoord based on the camera position, which is wrong - a pixel's texcoord should only depend on its Normalized Device Coordinates and by connection, screen coordinates. Any ideas?

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