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Ballistic Bonbon

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Hi everyone at GDNet,

I'm Gerald, from Lyon, France, and I'm here to present you Ballistic Bonbon.


Basically, Ballistic Bonbon is a 3D shooter game where you control a cannon with the mouse. The main goal is to hit targets while taking in account the ballistic. Sometimes, you have to solve puzzles to finish a level. There's also some different types of levels where the main goal is not to hit targets but to accomplish a mission like destroy buildings or push a ball to a certain place. The game is built in a way to bring a few novelties per level.
Throughout the game, you earn new cannons and balls, up to 8, each with a different behavior. The game is still in work, so, as of today, the game contains 25 levels, but I plan to make around 50 more.

Ballistic Bonbon Official Page
Facebook Page

More screenshots here

More anim gifs here

Ballistic Bonbon Launch Trailer
Ballistic Bonbon How To Play

Download Free Version 5 Levels. Free. No time limit to play.
Download Easter Version 10 Levels. Free for registered users. No time limit to play.
Download Full Version 25 Levels. Only 4.99 Euros. Paypal/Credit Card Payment.

Required Specs:
Windows XP SP3, Vista, Seven
CPU: Intel® 2.6Ghz Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 60MB of free space
Video card: NVIDIA® Geforce™ 9600GT or ATI equivalent

That needs a decent PC due to the heavy use of physics.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Ballistic Bonbon V1.1 is available for download.

What's new?

-Easy Mode implemented! It's a new setting available in the Level Selector screen. Just click on the Easy Mode text and you will be able to play with a very generous amount of balls and time, ie 2x amount of each ball type, and 2x amount of time.
-The Key system, which allows you to unlock a level when you have gathered 5 keys, is now more obvious. The text "Key missed" appears at the end of a level when applicable. It appears as well more intuitively in the Level Selector as the text "Unlock a level" instead of "Buy a joker".
-Some minor fixes.

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Not sure I could adapt it easyly to be played on FB but that would be a good time killer, yes! :)

Aside this, a new review of the game has been made by indiegamenews.com

Here's an extract:

If you like target-shooting games (especially ones that require a bit of lateral thinking in addition to accuracy) then Ballistic Bonbon is for you. I’ll admit that I didn’t take to the game at first, but after persevering and realising a few things about how the game worked, it became a very enjoyable challenge. At €4.99 it’s a lot of gameplay for not a lot of money (and it looks like more levels are going to be released free for registered users).

Click here to read the complete review on indiegamenews.com

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Wow the fact that you actually got a review on it is like a step up, huh? I mean it's not playstation magazine or anything but it's still a big accomplishment, right? That's great.

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Well, at the beginning, you only have to hit targets, but as the game progresses,

you have to destroy some buildings:

to push a ball at the highest part of a ramp,

or to break a wall out with a demolition ball:

There are a few other types of levels but I won't spoil every aspect of the game.

Aside this, you have the various cannons and balls which behave differently and bring some variety in the way you interact with the game world:

And keep in mind that the game is not finished, I plan to release a lot more levels...

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Ooh I like the silver cannon. Yeah, I see what you mean now. The different levels would help the game be more challenging. It kinda reminds me of the Angry Birds game. Not exactly the same, but with the same concept. Yeah, this would be a hit on facebook or on Pogo.com.

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