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What Libraries should i use for a commercial game

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nfries88    1154
Depends on your level of programming experience. You'd get the best performance by working with DirectX directly (I'm assuming Windows is your goal), but DirectX is not the simplest thing to pick up.

If you've got only minor programming experience, I've heard Unity3D doesn't require much programming knowledge.

If you've got plenty of programming experience, but directly using DirectX is a bit too much for you, Irrlicht and Ogre are popular free libraries.

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jbadams    25675
I agree with those who have suggested [url=""][color="#0000FF"]Panda3D[/color][/url] -- it's a good choice for someone already experienced with Python wanting to make a 3d game, and has been used in a number of commercial games including at least one Massively Multiplayer Online Game from Disney ([url=""][color="#0000FF"]Pirates of the Caribbean Online[/color][/url]). You can see the [url=""][color="#0000FF"]feature list here[/color][/url], and the [url=""][color="#0000FF"]documentation here[/color][/url]. It's also both free and open-sourced, even for commercial use.

Note that Panda3D may have a steep learning curve if you're still a beginner, although it should be easy to pick up if you've had a reasonable amount of experience with Python.

If you're after an alternative that is simpler to start with you could take a look at [url=""][color="#0000FF"]Unity3d[/color][/url] as nfries88 suggested above. Unity scripting can be done with C#, UnityScript (similar to JavaScript), or with Boo (similar to Python), although a lot of work can also be done with pretty minimal scripting, and the community and documentation are very helpful.

[size="1"][b]Note:[/b] At the time of posting something is messed up in the forum stylesheet and links aren't standing out from normal text, so I've manually set the text of links to be bright blue as a work-around.[/size]

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