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Dialog Box in Allegro

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Hi guys

sorry for all the posts that i do xD but i'm learning so please be patient ^^

ok so i want to add some text to my game and i need to make a function that display dialog box in my game but i really dont know how.

here is some examples on how i want to dialog box to appear.




i also want to be able to chose some options from this text like here


but i dont want to worry about choosing options, all i need now is to know how to show some text in a dialog box like the first or second picture.

thankx for the help :D

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I believe Allegro includes functionality for printing text; I would start there (check the Allegro documentation for details).

Also, as far as search terms go, what you're looking for is usually referred to as a GUI (graphical user interface). The term 'dialog box' can indeed refer to an in-game GUI control, but is also often used to refer to a system-level notification or a separate interactive window in a multi-window app (which isn't what you're looking for here, I don't think).

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