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Arm Wrestling Tetris

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capn_midnight    1707
[quote name='ChurchSkiz' timestamp='1304271253' post='4805122']
Who would win? Brutis the arm wrestling master that sucks at Tetris or Norton the computer geek with no forearm strength?

Well, the first runs of the game seemed to favor someone with strength who bided their time and tried to drag the game out as long as possible. But, once we got used to the control system, the game got a lot better and there was a lot more strategy involved. You had to fight to get your piece into position, and then try to drop it at with as fast of reaction time as possible before your opponent threw your alignment off. I actually set the high score for the night, having cleared 6 lines in a single match before my opponent failed out.

This was an extremely fast project completion. I'm super satisfied with how everything turned out. Everyone at the workshop thought the graphics were great, but I really loved the sound track, because it was so many orders better than I would have been able to do on my own. Very, very happy with the outcome.

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