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parsing large collada models and LOH

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How can we load large objects in verteexbuffer without using the large object heap? I have a collada model ~80mb. 3dsmax takes about 550mb to load and display the model where as my collada viewer takes at 550mb to load and parse the model and then another 500mb to display it.

I have tried not using the Large object heap altogether by tracking my array sizes when parsing collada files, I keep track of the array sizes and whenever it gets close to 85000 I allocate a new array. Should this not prevent objects from being thrown on the LOH?

Another thing I am considering is to use a fast XMLTextReader class instead of the XMLDocument. There are additional functionalities in the XMLDocument class that I never use like writing to the doc.

The final challenge is once I have created the necessary objects (geomerties, material, effects etc) I have to put the vertices in the vertexbuffer, once again to make sure the array being sent to the VB is not greater than 85000. My initial approach was to use a 2d array and then creating chunks of 85000. Is there a better approach?

This will get almost unmanagable when dealing with animations.

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