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Four in a Row Game

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Hi everyone,

I've now completed a Four in a Row game in C, which is...
- My first C project (my first C project with more than 50 line - 450 non-empty line). I am a Java programmer and created several Java projects bigger than this one.
- My first C project that made of multiple files. It took me a while to understand how to use multiple files in C, but I think I now got it correct.
- My first project with SDL (or any other graphics library, either than Java's default graphics API). I am learning it with the "Lazy Foo" tutorials.
Would you recommend other graphics/game libraries for Linux? (I don't want DirectX or any Windows specific API) - It was a (not-so-pleasant) surprise for me to find out there isn't a function for drawing a circle! Seems to be very low level...
- My first project with Minimax. I didn't program any AI before.
- A project that made me learn to appreciate OOP... haha... My next project is probably gonna be in C++, programming without OOP is annoying!

As such, I'd like to hear comments about any part of game.

The source code is attached.
A bit of explanation about the code:

The "graphics.h" handles graphics functionality using SDL.
A unique feature of it is automatically freeing all SDL_Surface's allocated when loading images. This is done by storing information about every image loading in a linked list structure called SurfaceInfoNode, and then freeing all images in the end of program.

The "gamepaint.h" is used by "main.c" for drawing related to the Four in a Row game.
It uses "graphics.h" for loading and blitting images.

The "logic.h" is used by "main.c" for handling Four in a Row logics.
It includes functions for handling the board and the AI function.

The "main.c" is... main.

Thank you very much,

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