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Cpt. Red

DX11 [CS 5.0] A threadgroup seems to use old data

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Hi I'm creating an artificial neural network(ANN) on compute shader but of some reason one of the dispatched threadgroups seems to start and use old data.
I have made it so that there are 2 shaders, the first runs threough the ANN and checks how good it is the second changes the weights so that it will hopefully be better next time. With the example ANN I'm using right now I dispatch 2 threadgroups for the first one and 1 for the second and I run these 50 times but after the 26th time my second threadgroup for the first shader will start to use old weight data of some reason.

I have tried to use PIX to find put what's wrong but according to PIX all the weights are correct but my debug buffer I added(I copy the weight data for each thread into the debug buffer) shows that the second threadgroup have old weights data even though they are using the same buffer. I also sets all the data in the debug buffer to zero in my second shader just to make sure that the second threadgroup actually executes.

Im using DX11 with the 2010 June DX SDK. I have tried using a reference driver but the same thing happens there.

EDIT: I also get no errors or warnings.
EDIT: I tried to see if more threadgroups would change anything and so for the answer is no but I can say that all threadgroups except the first one is using the old data.

Fixed it. Forgot to Flush().

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